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Municipal elections are where you can influence everyday life

Municipal elections will be held on Sunday 13 June 2021.

The city council is an important decision-making body: the decisions that have the greatest impacts on the everyday life of Finns are made in municipalities. Municipalities will decide in the following years how to solve issues such as climate change, protecting nature, improving healthcare, early childhood education, services for the elderly, basic education, and exercise and cultural services. From the citizen’s point of view, municipal elections are the most important elections.

All Finnish citizens aged 18 and over and those citizens of EU countries, Norway and Iceland whose home municipality has been in Finland for 51 days before the elections are eligible to vote in municipal elections. More about eligibility to vote can be found on In municipal elections, you can only vote for a candidate from the municipality in which you live. This means a Helsinki resident can vote for anyone who is a candidate in Helsinki.

A total of 85 councillors are elected to the Helsinki City Council in municipal elections. The candidates chosen now will be councillors for the next four years, i.e. for one council term. During the current council term, 2017–2021, the Greens’ council group, with 21 councillors, is influential and the second biggest political group in the council. In the next municipal elections, our goal is to be the biggest council group in Helsinki!

Here you can read more about Helsinki’s Greens candidates.

What is a Green Helsinki like?

A Green Helsinki is a climate-friendly city where both people and nature prosper.

In a Green Helsinki, all basic services are guaranteed for people of every age, and we will invest in mental health services.

A good Helsinki for children is green. We will make sure that all children get a place at daycare near their home, and high-quality schooling.

Join the campaign team of a municipal elections candidate

You can register to join a support group for your chosen candidate from Helsinki in municipal elections here.

Greens candidates need a lot of supporters to help with their own campaigning. The people in support groups are a great resource for candidates. Depending on the group and the candidate, the candidate may be able to use the group to debate political issues and election compass answers, plan their communications, organise events and distribute brochures. A diversity of knowledge is needed!

What do the Greens do?

The Greens work for a fair change, and today the worldwide green movement is needed more than ever. At the local level, Greens are an important factor in the largest cities of Finland. In Helsinki the Greens are the 2nd largest party with 21 city councilors and with 24.1% of the vote in the local elections of 2017.

The Green League is one of the five parties forming the Finnish Government since June 2019. In the parliamentary elections 2019 the Greens had the biggest support with 23.5% of the vote in Helsinki. We have six Helsinki based members of parliament, and the Green ministers are Pekka Haavisto (Foreign Affairs) and Maria Ohisalo (Interior) from Helsinki and Krista Mikkonen (Environment and Climate).

As of the 2019 elections, three of the Finnish representatives in the European Parliament are Green: Alviina AlametsäHeidi Hautala and Ville Niinistö. The Greens got 27.8% of the vote in Helsinki and 16.0% nationwide.

Want to join?

Membership of the Greens is a way to take a stand about the world affairs. As a member you take part in changing the world and defending humanity, the environment and those who are too weak to defend themselves. Work for the environment, equality, education and greener future is done between elections. With your membership fee you support our work for a better world.

We are not just a political party: we are a movement, and we are just as strong as our members are. You are most welcome to join us in action!

In Helsinki we have 13 member associations, from which you can join whatever you like. At least The Green Society (Vihreä Seura) offers services in English.

Membership fee for 2021: 35 €
Reduced fee (for students, unemployed, etc.): 15 €
Fee is valid for the current calendar year.

Join the Greens!

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Anna Hyödynmaa
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– Matters related to the Green Group in the city council
– Matters related to positions of responsibility
– Communications and political planning

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– Municipal elections

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