The Helsinki Greens

What is a Green Helsinki like?

A Green Helsinki is a climate-friendly city where both people and nature prosper.

In a Green Helsinki, all basic services are guaranteed for people of every age, and we will invest in mental health services.

A good Helsinki for children is green. We will make sure that all children get a place at daycare near their home, and high-quality schooling.

What do the Greens do?

The Greens work for a fair change, and today the worldwide green movement is needed more than ever. At the local level, Greens are an important factor in the largest cities of Finland. In Helsinki the Greens are the 2nd largest party with 18 city councilors and with 19.8% of the vote in the local elections of 2021.

In the parliamentary elections 2023 the Greens had the support with 15.3% of the vote in Helsinki. We have four Helsinki based members of parliament.

As of the 2019 elections, three of the Finnish representatives in the European Parliament are Green: Alviina AlametsäHeidi Hautala and Ville Niinistö. The Greens got 27.8% of the vote in Helsinki and 16.0% nationwide.

Want to join?

Membership of the Greens is a way to take a stand about the world affairs. As a member you take part in changing the world and defending humanity, the environment and those who are too weak to defend themselves. Work for the environment, equality, education and greener future is done between elections. With your membership fee you support our work for a better world.

We are not just a political party: we are a movement, and we are just as strong as our members are. You are most welcome to join us in action!

In Helsinki we have 13 member associations, from which you can join whatever you like. At least The Green Society (Vihreä Seura) offers services in English.

Membership fee for 2023: 35 €
Reduced fee (for students, unemployed, etc.): 15 €
Fee is valid for the current calendar year.

Join the Greens!

Contact us

The Helsinki Greens
Mannerheimintie 15b A, 4th floor
00260 Helsinki


Sara Sipilä (until 30th November 2023)
Tel. +35845 6793 107
– General administration, finance and communications
– Coordination of the elections
– Coordination of member associations’ activities

Kati Lommi
 (on parental leave)
– General administration, finance and communications
– Coordination of the elections

Anna Hyödynmaa
Tel. +35840 754 3313
– Matters related to the Green Group in the city council
– Matters related to positions of responsibility
– Communications and political planning
– Organising events

Chairperson 2023

Salla Merikukka
Tel. +35840 5278 518