Working Groups

The Helsinki Greens’ working groups for 2015

Working groups prepare statements and keep track of developments in their areas of interest. Working groups also take part in the formulation of the Helsinki Greens’ local election manifestos.

There are currently seven working groups within the Helsinki Greens. New groups can also be set up if members so wish – contact our political secretary Outi (outi.silfverberg(ät) if you feel there is a need for a new group!

You can join a working group by contacting the relevant group’s chairperson/coordinator.

IMPORTANT! Although Finnish is the primary language of all working groups, using English is not an obstacle to taking part in discussions!


This working group is concerned with topical housing policy questions. Our goal is a Helsinki that is pleasant to live in, designed to meet the needs of residents, and where buildings are constructed and used in an ecologically sensitive manner.

Chairperson: Vesa Peipinen Phone no: 041 528 3410 E-mail: vesa.peipinen(ät)


The goal of this working group is to bring climate-related issues to the fore, find means of decreasing Helsinki’s strain on the climate, and to encourage positive change. This is a joint working group with the Young Greens of Helsinki.

Chairperson: Maria Vuorelma

E-mail: maria.vuorelma(ät)



This working group is for those of you who are interested in culture and who want to have a say on what sort of cultural offerings are provided in Helsinki. The group aims to generate discussion on cultural policy and takes a stand on questions of the day.

Chairperson: Marianne Niemelä E-mail: marianne.niemelä

City planning forum

The Helsinki Greens’ city planning forum facilitates discussion of regional city planning issues, forms positions from a green standpoint vis-à-vis current town planning projects, and tries to find green solutions to issues such as how the metropolitan area should be developed. The city planning forum also organises visits to areas of interest in terms of town planning, giving people the chance to get to know areas in line for planning projects.

Coordinator: Outi Silfverberg E-mail: outi.silfverberg(ät)

Social and health policy

What exactly is a green policy in Helsinki when the matter at hand touches upon the elderly, young people, health, mental health, poverty or intoxicants? Come along and find out!

The aim of the group is to make Green activists more knowledgeable about social and health policy matters, support the work of committees and the city council, and help form the Helsinki Greens’ positions on these subjects. We enjoy active email discussions, write blog posts and organise discussion events for both the public and for our own benefit.

The group’s activities are open to all those greens in Helsinki who are interested in the state of our city’s social and health services. For more, see

Chairperson: Hannu Tuominen

E-mail: tuomiset(ät)


The cycling working group, which is run by the Helsinki Greens, brings urban cyclists together. The group aims to pinpoint ways – at the level of local politics – of improving the situation for cyclists in the capital region. The group’s blog is an open platform for discussing bike politics:

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