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Hanna_vihreatBy joining the Greens, you are making a statement about the world in which you want to live in the future: by paying the membership fee, you are supporting our work to improve the world around us. As a member, you can also actively take part in the Greens’ functioning and its various activities. The normal membership fee is 30€, with a reduced rate of 12.50€ for low earners (students, unemployed people etc.). Members of the party receive the fortnightly newspaper Vihreä Lanka for free.

You can also support the Helsinki Greens’ activities by making an online donation.

The Helsinki Greens have 14 associations; 10 are based in specific parts of town while the remaining four are citywide. You can find out more about the different associations here.

All new members who tell us their email address are added to a one-way emailing list. Information about upcoming events as well as open positions on boards and committees is given using this list. There is no obligation to be on the list, so members are free to leave it at any point.

For those members who want to take part in discussions related to the party, its activities and its policies, they can join the Helsinki Greens’ closed Facebook group. There is also an open discussion group for all members of the Greens on Facebook.

I would like to join the Greens!

Everyone is more than welcome to join!

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